(The Cockney Abroad)
Some fellers are so orful fond of Marget and others go as far as Rome,
Some fellers do the Rhine, some noodles get a saying there's no place like home,
Some do the lakes and mountings and some like the open sea,
But I wouldn't give a farden for the lot, boys, Gay Paree is the place for me...

Chorus: I'm called Parisian Harry 'cause I am so fond of Paree.
I'm a proper sort of swell they all can see,
As I does my promenards, down the jolly bullevards
All the pretty French girls are spoons on me.

It's very seldom I comes over and the reason's, why you see,
Is the journey from Calley to Dover, is a sort of thing as don't suit me;
When I visits the Goswell Road too, the spot where I was born,
And I think of the beautiful Paree, my feeling's overcome with scorn.

Spoken - Can't help it, when I looks at the Goswell Road, it's 'nowhere' when I gazes at Leicester Square it don't remind me of Paree a little bit, I looks round and I don't see any of it anywheres, so excuse me if I say,


I has 'degenare' and some 'caffy' in the morning, then I promenards about as I please,
At six o'clock I toddles off to dinner at a 'cafey' among flowers and trees!
Then perhaps I does some billiards, or if for dancing inclined I feel,
I calls out, 'alley voo' to a 'coachong' and he drives me to the 'Gay Mabille'.

Spoken - That's the proper sort of life, it's what we Parisians call 'Boco-tray-jolly-magnifik', which means 'right up to the knocker, proper, and no mistake', all the people know me and that's why,

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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