Katie Connor and her beau,
With 'Fairy' Mary Green,
Oft at Maggie Murphy's Home
On Sunday nights I've seen.
But the sweetest maiden there
Was one whose heart I claim,
The queen of all is Peggy Cline,
That is my darling's name.

Chorus: Little roguish, bewitching young Peggy Cline,
On next St. Patricks Day I'm to call her mine.
Of all the girls in the town, she's the most divine,
The boys are sighing and dying for Peggy Cline.

Though she loves to laugh and sport
And joins in every game,
When the boys try mashing her
She treats them all the same.
She has ways you can't resist,
There's sunshine in her frown;
The idol of my loving heart,
The pet of all the town.


All the other boys look glum
And jealous as can be.
Since she's given her consent
To walk through life with me.
Don't forget our wedding day,
'Twill beat all ever known!
And mind you come and drink our health
When Peggy is my own.


Written and composed by A.J. Kelly, C.W. Murphy & Maurice Levy - 1892
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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