To the Strand, the Strand at night-time,
Just in fancy come with me
See two Johnnies on the warpath
Bent on what they call a spree
That, in other words, means 'mashing'
Calling each girl 'duck' or 'dear'
And if unto them you listen
This is what you'll over hear.

Chorus: 'Here are two, How d'ye do? - Jolly night don't you think?
Now, don't go, you and Flo, - come along, have a dwink?
S'nother night? - Oh, all right - Au revior - Ain't they grand?'
That's the up-to-date bounder you meet in the Strand.

In the Strand - The Strand at night-time
Though it's strange I must confess
You will always meet a maiden
Who appears in great distress
She's a stranger quite in London
All alone - no one she knows
And as on one side she draws you
This is how the story goes.

Chorus: 'Pardon me - but you see I'm a stranger - and worse
I'm alone - on my own - And I've just lost my purse
Feel so bad - should be glad if a hansom you'd stand.'
That's the lost country maiden you meet in the Strand.

In the Strand - The Strand at night-time
See two urchins dressed in rags
But they're happy while they're smoking
What are designated 'fags'
Listen now - one to the other
Information tries to give
As a pretty serio's brougham
Drives up and stops at 'The Tiv'

Chorus: 'She's a 'Pro', don't yer know - spot the fake on her cheek
Blow me tight! she's all right - she earns ten quid a week
Knows a bit - does the splits - and can sing summat grand.'
That's the ragged young urchin you meet in the Strand.

In the Strand - The Strand at night-time
When the theatres all are done
See a coster and his donah
From one exit full of fun
'Laugh! I thought I should have busted
'Tisn't often that we go
To see what they calls thses 'Berleskies'
But we've enjoyed ourselves and so,'

Chorus: 'Ria, here! now some beer, O come along, let's be flash
How d'yer feel? - do some eels, or a sausgae and smash?
Got the 'Brads'? - 'course I has - so we'll do it up grand.'
That's the play-going coster you meet in the Strand.

In the Strand - The Strand at night-time
With a don't-care- twopence air
From his club's first Smoking Concert
See the man who took the chair
He's been sipping (not too wisely
But too well) the champagne cup
And the various songs he's heard there
He has now got all mixed up.

Chorus: ''Drink with me'- 'Sweet Maria' - all ish 'Sunshine above'
'Round the town' - 'I'll go down in the ship that I love'
'We're all right when we're tight' - 'In thish free an' 'appy land''
That's the member from Club-land you meet in the Strand.
Performed by Reuben Hill
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