No doubt to see me you'd think I am
A millionaire by the clothes I wear
Think that I ride in my carriage and pair
Round Leicester Square to make folks stare
I've got no 'oof, but I always play spoof
I'm a rickety rackety bloke
I'm as happy as the Prince of Wales
Although I'm stony broke.

Chorus: As I go out the people shout
'Here he comes, clear the way'
They think I'm a millionaire, they do
From Johannesburg in South Africa
They think I've got tons of the stuff in the bank
But I'm stony broke you know
I'm a slasher, a dasher, the up-to-date masher,
I'm Percy from Pimlico.

Each night you'll see me stroll the Strand
I look a don, with my bridle on
People all stare as I stroll along
And shout, 'What ho! Where’s he sprung from?'
I never go to Romano's for lunch
I never go to the 'Cri'
You'll see me munch my sausage and mash
At Harris's on the sly.


The darling girls vow they can't resist
My mashing way, and with a wink they say
'Stand us a drink' then I cry
'You may drink all day if you only pay'
Then in the bar, with a topper, ha, ha
I'm spooning both Maudie and Nell
I pinch their cheeks if I get the chance
I pinch their purses as well.

Written and performed by Tom Leamore (1866-1939)
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