The girl I loved has jilted me,
And made me feel quite ill;
She's gone off with a foreigner,
Who lives in Saffron Hill:
He is not one of noble birth,
For he plays a Piano Organ;
But with his pretty tunes he won,
The heart of Polly Morgan.

Chorus: This Italian Organ Grinder won,
The heart of Polly Morgan,
For he fascinated Poll,
When he played 'Tiddy fol lol',
On his Piano Organ.

She was a general servant, and
She's promised to be mine;
And if her Missis e're went out,
I used to go and dine.
One day when there, this fellow came,
With his Piano Organ,
And he nodded and grinned and showed his teeth,
To charming Polly Morgan.


She jumped up from the table,
And about the place she pranced;
And then outside the kitchen door,
And in the garden danced.
The servant girl next door, came out,
And joined Miss Polly Morgan;
Like a couple of Marionettes they danced,
While the foreigner played the Organ.


I left the house in great disgust,
And it turned out as I feared;
The next time that I called there,
I found Poll had disappeared.
She'd joined the Italian Organ Man,
But she's punished, is Poll Morgan,
For the fellow gets drunk and makes her play,
And wheel the Piano Organ.


Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1887
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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