No doubt you've heard about the Turkey Trot
Some say it's rot, some say it’s not
Well, I've got another one that beats the lot
And it doesn't come from Yankeeland
If you see a Johnny in the latest style
Money-a-pile, glossy new tile
With a swagger you can see for half a mile
You will quickly understand.

Chorus: It's the Piccadilly Trot, Trot, Trot, Trot
Now the rage in town
It's the Piccadilly Trot, Trot, Trot, Trot
See 'em strolling all up and down
With a pretty little girl, what, what, what
It's a trifle hot, Great Scot
But it's fine, fine, simply divine
Grab yourself a girlie and go right into line
That's the Pic-Pic-Piccadilly Trot.

When the lights are gleaming in the crowded square
Glad eyes are there, figures so fair
Talk about a circus, something's in the air
But no one there does things be halves
See that dainty duchess tipping the wink
Ha, that means a drink, what do you think?
Meets the son that's prodigal, and he's in the pink
Chasing all the fatted calves.

Chorus: Missus Young is there and she meets Missus Giles
Down in Sev'ndials, they lead the styles
'Fancy meeting you' says Missus Young and smiles
'Come an' have a drink, now, do'
Later you would see them being bustled with the throng
Says Missus Jong, 'Dearie, what's wrong?
Hi, don't push me, I'm a lady, though a bit off song
I can trot as well as you'
Oh it's fine, fine, simply divine
They take them to the station that the policemen call the vine
That's the Pic-Pic-Piccadilly Trot.
Written and composed by George Arthurs & Worton David - 1912
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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