Since I've been in London, it's easy to see,
There's no other johnny looks smarter than me.
I'm going the pace, that means playing the game,
I'm one one of those gay-dogs that's got a bad name.
I'm what folks would call a dare-devil, you know,
No sooner an argument, than it's a blow.
I've seen better days, still I don't care a sou,
I've gone to the dogs and you know what it's through.

Chorus: Playing the game in the west, playing the game in the city.
Leading the life that serves, flirting with more than kitty.
Rolling along The Strand, knocking policemen about,
And I'm not going home 'til a quarter to ten, 'cause it's my night out.

The boys in the west seem quite jealous of me,
Because I am dressed rather tricky, you see.
When I smoke 'El De Stinko' as everyone knows,
It's easy to make the cigar come down my nose.
For a days shooting, I went yesterday,
When I'd broken four bottles, I heard the man say,
'The guards are all nuts, you're a marvellous shot,
Are you in the army?' I said, 'Yes sir, I'm not.'

Chorus: I'm playing the game in the west, leading the life's that's thrilling,
Out of a two-bob piece, all I've got left is a shilling.
Treating the girls to cham, throwing my money about,
And it wouldn't take me long, to stop out all night, 'cause it's my night out.

I met an old college chum, he calls me 'strife',
He said, 'George you're leading a terrible life.
Society life cannot always suit you,
The collar you wear, you may someday slip through.
Why don't you give up this life that's so fast,
This lemon and dashers and women won't last?'
I said, 'It's no use now, I don't care a jot
I've got ninepence left and I'll finish the lot!'

Chorus: I'm playing the game in the west, that's what I love to be doin',
Quaffing the sparkling wine, I'm on my road to ruin.
Been out since seven o'clock, flashing and dashing about,
And it wouldn't take me long to stop out all night, 'cause it's my night out!

Written and composed by G. Formby Sr. & Alec Kendall - 1910
Performed by George Formby Sr. (1877-1921)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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