I ought to think myself a lucky girl, I know
'Cos I'm engaged
But still somehow I don't think so
John. That's the name of my fiancée you see
There's no mistake, he's very fond of me
He took me out for walks and oh he was so nice
He always used to kiss me on the same place twice
Often in the Park we would sit and spoon
And I was oh so happy till the other afternoon.

Chorus: John took me round to see his Mother
His Mother, his Mother
And while he introduced us to each other
She weighed up everything I had on
She put me through a cross examination
I fairly boiled with aggravation
Then she shook her head, looked at me and said
'Poor John, Poor John.'

As soon as she could get me all alone, oh dear
She asked so many questions that I felt quite queer
Thought John too young to take a wife just yet
Asked when and where it was that we first met
She said no girl could help but worship her dear son
And told me pretty plainly what a prize I'd won
Started fairly slow, then she made a spurt
And hoped that I knew how to put a tailpiece on a shirt.


She said 'Young girls today are all for outside show
The clothes you see may look alright, the rest, oh no'
What she was driving at I soon made out
My style of dress was too refined no doubt
Then all at once she gave a sigh and cried 'Oh for
I wonder what on earth he wants to marry for?'
That was quite enough, up my temper flew
Says I 'Perhaps it's so that can get away from you.'

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh & Henry E. Pether - 1906
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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