Noah Moore was a very funny chap. He lived until he died
One day for fun inside a gun he thought he'd have a look -
Then his work was done. Poor Noah found a little more
Inside that gun than he was looking for.
The gun went off, and so did he
So I wrote this chorus to his memory.

Chorus: Poor Noah Moore
His first name's Noah and his last name's Moore
One wet day he passed away at the age of ninety-four
There's a little tombstone that reads, 'Not lost but gone before.'
So you'll see no more of Noah Moore
For poor Noah Moore's no more.

Noah Moore was a charitable man, so when he left the earth
His will was read, but all it said was simply this
'Now when I am dead I leave all I possess
To the children's home at the above address.'
But all he left to that children's home
Was a pair of children and a small tooth-comb.


Noah Moore was a cobbler by birth, that's why he breathed his 'last'
He passed away the neighbours say
To have a cheap ride - on his funeral day
He died when he was ninety-four and his poor mother she exclaimed,
'Poor Noah, to die so young. It's very sad
I knew from the first I'd never 'rear' that lad.

Written & composed by W. David and B. Lee circa 1910
Recorded by Ernest Shand
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