I've had a course of lessons, how to play the piano
And poor Pa paid, poor Pa paid
They wouldn't give Ma credit, and I didn't want to owe
So poor Pa paid, yes poor Pa paid
The neighbours all declare that Papa's a most angelic dad
And though Mama is slightly good, she's just a little bad
Last night she drank a quart of rum, and swore 'twas lemonade
And when the potman called this morning, poor Pa paid.

Chorus: Daddah's a street-corner preacher, one of the best of men
Ma goes to music halls every night, and a tea-fight now and then
Ma and Papa once had very high words,
When into a p'lice-court they strayed
Where the magistrate fined Mamma forty shillings
Which poor Pa paid.

Last year Mamma and I went down to Ramsgate for a spree
And poor Pa paid, poor Pa paid
They charged four pounds a week for just one bed-room by the sea
And poor Pa paid, yes, poor Pa paid
Ma met a former lover, and she thought she like a row
They went out on the sea, and there the winds began to blow
A storm came on_ three nights and days way out to sea they stayed
The boat hire came to thirty bob, and poor Pa paid.


Last year a man got married to my eldest sister Bet
And poor Pa paid, poor Pa paid
Upon their wedding morn he told Mamma he was in debt
And poor Pa paid, yes, poor Pa paid
He grew that low and vulgar, most exceptionally coarse
At last poor Bet was forced to go and ask for a divorce
He hooked it to America, and there the villain stayed
She got divorced, but as to costs, my poor Pa paid


A certain sum my brother had to give a certain cook
And poor Pa paid, poor Pa paid
He then ran into debt, the fool, through trying to make a book
And poor Pa paid, yes, poor Pa paid
Then he went and bought a bicycle from some expensive place
And backed himself for fifty pounds to win a two mile race
He ran into a tram-car, and mince-meat of him was made
His funeral took place yesterday, and poor Pa paid.
Performed by Harry Randall (1857-1932)
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