Popsy was a singer in a West End revue
Sang the sort of ditties that the fellows all knew
Every night they used to turn the limelight strong
On someone's face while she sang her song
That would set the fellow blinking just like an owl
But if she blew him a kiss
He would chuckle with glee, "I'll bet she fancies me"
Then he'd murmur something like this

Chorus: "Sing to me my little Popsy Wopsy
Turn the limelight right on me
Oh, you Popsy Wopsy
When on that stage you come
You make my heart beat just like a drum
Tiddely-um, tiddely-um
I shall dream about you all night tonight
You're the sweetest girl I've seen
I would kiss you, my Popsy
But there's one thing stops me
Those footlights in between"

Popsy fixed her eyes upon an old boy one night
Sitting in the front stalls, with his wife all right
When she sang that loving song he looked so blue
His wife, quite shocked, glanced at Popsy too
That same evening to the stage door he sent a note
Which read "Oh Popsy, my own
Do excuse me my dear, I've got my missus here
Tomorrow night I'll come alone"

Written and composed by Mills - Scott
Performed by Daisy James (1881 - 1940)
Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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