A preacher went out a hunting, 'twas on one Sunday morn
Of course it was against his religion but he took his gun along
He shot himself some very fine quail, and one small measly hare
And on his way returning home he met a great big grizzly bear
The bear marched out in the middle of the road
And he waltzed to the coon, you see
The coon got so excited that he climbed a persimmon tree
The bear sat down upon the ground, and the coon climbed out on a limb
He turned his eyes to above the skies,
And these words they came from him.

Chorus: 'Oh Lord didn't you deliver Daniel from the lion's den
Also deliver Jonah from the tummy of a whale, and then
Three Hebrew children from the fiery furnace
So the good books do declare
Now Lord, if you can't help me
For goodness sake don't you help that bear!'

This coon stayed up in that tree, I think it was all night
He said, ' Oh Lord! If you don't help that bear
Then you'll see one awful fight'
But just about then the limb let go, and the coon came tumbling down
You should have seen him get his razor out before he struck the ground
He hit the ground cutting left and right
'Tis true he put up a very game fight
Just then the bear hugged this coon and squeezed him a little too tight
The coon he lost his razor then and his chance seemed now mighty poor
He turned his eyes up above to the skies
And these words he cried once more.

Written and composed by Joe Arzonia - 1903
Performed by Arthur Collins (1865-1932)
Performed by Albert Whelan (1875-1962)
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