Billy Brown he came up to me just about a week ago
'Let us take our sweethearts for the day
Margate way, what d'yer say?'
Well, of course, I couldn't say no. We consulted Jess and Flo
And we all arranged next Saturday we'd to Margate go
We went out in a sailing yacht, but soon into a storm we got
Waves went 'woosh' and we went rolling - things were a trifle hot.

Chorus: And those pretty little maidens who had never been on the blue
Never had been off the shore before, cried, 'Oh Lor! nevermore
Will we come along with you, take us back again - oh do
Can't we please get out and walk a bit - boo-oo-oo.'

Vainly did we look around, we were quite a mile from shore
And those blessed waves kept bashing us, crashing us, splashing us
Never had we been before in a sea that bumped us more
Little wonder Jess and Florrie felt somewhat sad and sore
Poor dear Jess in my arms reposed,
Flo in Bill's with her dear eyes closed
And both Jess and Flo, poor darlings, they were so indisposed.


All at once a mighty surge ran against the 'Lively Maud'
It was very near upsetting us, fretting us, wetting us
Bill was swearing like a lord, and when we with one accord
Looked to see where Jess and Florrie were, both were overboard
When we fished out the darling pair,
Oh, how great was the difference there
Jess had left her bloom behind, and Flo had lost her lovely hair.

Written and composed by John P. Harrington & George LeBrunn - 1893
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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