(or Eighteen Shillings A Week)
My heart is like a pumpkin, swollen big with love,
For the fairest of the fair girls in creation,
She is too good for me, tho' a trifle I'm above,
The drudgery and ill-pay of my station.
Her father keeps a farmyard in the Mile End Road,
And for this little damsel, of love I have a load.
I'd spend a fortune on her, but why do I thus speak?
For what a fortune can I have on eighteen shillings a week.

Chorus: Oh! pretty little Sarah, with lovely, golden hair,
Her beauty jealous maidens may be scorning,
She ought to be an angel; but if rich I were,
I'd marry her so early in the morning.

The first time that I met her, 'twas in the pouring rain,
I proffered her my arm and umbrella;
She accepted with a smile, so I said I'd see her home,
She thanked with a voice so low and mellow;
When we arrived at home, she said she'd ask me in,
But her parents they were poor, said I, 'Poverty's no sin.'
She saw I was a swell and of course I didn't speak,
For I was doing the heavy on my eighteen shillings a wwek.


She's got a little ankle and such a little foot,
And pretty little fingers running taper;
Her waist is round and small, her mouth is best of all,
With ruby lips not twice as thick as paper;
She's always dressed in silks, her notions are so high,
And though her stature's short, she gazes in the sky;
When she belongs to me, 'tis not for me to speak,
But lots of silks she'll got from me on eighteen shillings a week!


Her parents they are poor and she's a milliner,
And earns a pound a week in the city;
A crown she gives her mother, for her keep and board,
The rest she spends in clothes to keep her pretty.
She never saves a penny but tells me that she will,
To pay the wedding fees, it shows she loves me still;
But should we have a family (too soon I mustn't speak),
A wife and fourteen children on eighteen shillings a week.

Written, composed and performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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