I was a naughty little lad
When Mother sent me off to school
I used to raise an awful noise
If the teacher put me amongst the boys
I would be anything but good
For there I'd sit a fretting all the day
With sighs and tear drops in my eyes
And to the teacher coaxingly I'd say
"Oh teacher.

Chorus: Put me amongst the girls
Put me amongst the girls
Do me a favour do
You know I'd do the same for you
Put me amongst the girls
Those with the curly curls
They'll enjoy themselves and so will I
If you'll put me amongst the girls."

John Jones came up to town
Meant to be a member of the force
His feet were regulation feet
Just the feet to ornament a beat
"John, John, get your helmet on,
You're duty lies up East" the Sergeant cried
"You're tough so get amongst the rough" John thought of Piccadilly as he sighed
"Oh Sergeant,


Seth Binks was such a pious man
Never stayed out after 3 am
Stage doors he used to hang about
Till he caught a cold that laid him out
Pals said, "Cheer up, you'll soon be dead
We'll plant you amongst the daisies in the Sun"
Poor Seth, though gasping for his breathe
Said, "If there's any planting to be done
Oh doctor,

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & Dan Lipton - 1907
Performed by Charles R. Whittle (1874-1947)
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