Johnny loved a pretty girl on whom he used to call
And he thought the girl that fact would like to know
How to break the news to her he'd no idea at all
And he let no end of splendid chances go
"Best thing I can do," said he, "Is take her for a stroll
To propose indoors is hardly right
What you want's a place with no one near you, not a soul
So I think I'll say when I call round tonight

Chorus: "Put on your tat-ta little girlie, do what I want you to
Far from the busy hurly burly, I've got lots to say to you
My head's completely twirly whirly, my girl I want you to be
So put on your tat-ta your pretty little tat-ta
And come out a tat-ta with me"

Johnny called that evening, but had scarcely said his say
When a heavy shower of rain began to fall
"Can't go out in this" exclaimed the girl in blank dismay
"It would simply spoil my tat-ta once for all
Let's stay in the parlour, John, it's nice and comfy here
And we'll both sit in the cosy corner seat
If it's fine tomorrow I'll be dressed and ready dear
Should you care your invitation to repeat


Some men are backward in proposing, so they say
But if She's made up her mind that He's the one
Let him merely show the will, she'll soon find out the way
And before he's quite aware of it, it's done
Johnny and the girl sat in the parlour quite a while
But to tell you all they said would be a shame
Since that night he seems to wear an everlasting smile
And no more has special reason to exclaim

Performed by Clarice Mayne (1886-1966)
Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh
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