I stand at your threshold sighing,
As the cruel hours creep by,
And the time is slowly dying,
That once, too quickly, did fly.
Your beauty o'er my being,
Has shed a subtle spell,
And alas! there is no fleeing,
From the charms that you weave so well.
For my heart is wildly beating,
As it never beat before,
One word, one whispered greeting,
In mercy, I implore.

Chorus: For from daylight a hint we might borrow,
And prudence may come with the light,
Then why should we wait 'til tomorrow?
You are queen of my heart tonight.

Oh! tell me why, if you intended,
Thus to treat my love with scorn,
Such rent as will never be mended,
In this poor heart you've torn?
Why, why did your beauty enslave me,
And give me such exquisite pain?
Oh, say but the word that would save me,
And bid me hope again.
For my heart is wildly beating,
As it never beat before,
One wors, one whispered greeting,
In mercy I implore.

Written and composed by B.C. Stephenson & Alfred Cellier
(Adapted from the song 'Old Dreams' originally written by Sarah Doudney - 1886)
Performed by C. Hayden Coffin (1862-1935)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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