Tho' yer glorifies the Life Guards and the Lancers and Hussars
Tho' yer raves abaht the 'Andy man in blue
And yer cracks up the militia till they dunno where they are
Yet yer never gives the credit where it's due
If yer wants to see a regiment what is spoilin' for a fight
Or the trickiest manoeuvres ever planned
Why yer've only got ter 'ang arahnd the 'ouses any night
And observe us as we marches with the band.

Chorus: Clear the road for the Raggedy-Tag Brigade
Every gal for the love of us is dyin'
You ought to see us on parade
With the regimental flag a-flyin'
If old England breaks off 'er relations
With them foreign nations, causing complications
Don't you fuss! just telegraph for us
And leave the job to the Raggedy-Tag Brigade.

We 'ave got a busted bugle, and we've made a violin
From an empty can of mother's cornered beef
We 'as combs and tissue paper and a saucy rabbit skin
What the bloke as beats the drum wears underneaf
Then our regimental banner! It 'as figured in a play
And bin carried in a local pantomime
But our drum was made to orders by a firm down Reading way
And, what ho, it takes the biscuit every time.


We are waitin' for the signal - with the foe we long to cope
And to dwell right in the midst of war's alarms
When the enemy approaches, I shall give the order 'Slope'
I - er - means, of course, the 'slope' of fire-arms
Won't the ladies get the needle if on service we are sent
They'll be fairly broken- hearted, I'm afraid
But we'll soon return, and then the King will drive to Parliament
With a hescort of the Raggedy-Tag Brigade.


Written and composed by S. Fortescue-Harrison & John Neat - 1905
Performed by Kittee (Kitty) Rayburn
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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