Only lately, quite sedately, a chum and I were out for a spree
Each young chappie, slightly 'happy', sober enough the sights to see
Started quiet, soon ran riot, made up our minds for having a treat
Fun discerning, took a turning, landed at last in Regent Street
Crowds of people were passing there, plain old fogies and ladies fair
Lords and beggars were everywhere, oh what a comical thing.

Chorus: Whiskey finding, organ grinding, anything for the sake of a lark
Tom and Annie, Dick and Fanny, having a game of 'after dark'
That means drinking, arms a-linking,
Pushing against the p'lice we meet
Saying, "Excuse us, don't abuse us, we belong to Regent Street.'

One young damsel - Frenchy M'amselle,
Looked in my face with a "Parlez Vous."
Circumspectly, I directly said,
"What the deuce is that to you?"
This young creature, fair in feature,
Lifted her skirts up over her feet
Oh, how shocking, glimpse of stocking,
Crossing the road in Regent Street
Gay old gentleman passing by
Ogled the scene with a roguish eye
Seemed quite pleased - but I don't know why
Oh what a comical thing.

Crowds were peering, peeping, leering, into a big photographer's shop
"Look at that, now, what a flat, now,
Mashed on that girl there, she's no cop."
A little jolting - someone bolting - rapidly speeding on flying feet
"Stop, pick-pocket! - he's got my locket,"
A little excitement in Regent Street
Tipsy revellers staggering strode, would they get to their own abode?
Or into Vine Street, over the road? Oh, what a comical thing.

Written and composed by E. Nevin & Richard Morton
Performed by Charles Godfrey (1851-1900)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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