Just a song of contrasts I'll contrive,
'Tween the upper ten and lower five,
'Tween the rich girl and the poor, you know,
Now then , Mister Leader, let her go!

The rich girl rises in the morn at nine
And has a lovely bath unique;
The poor girl she gets up at five o'clock,
And only has one once a week.
The rich girl has her carriage at the door,
And goes out shopping with a fuss;
The poor girl she goes off to Bryant and May's,
And has her penn'orth on the bus.
The rich girl rides her gee-gee in the Row,
A hundred guinea mare, with pride;
The poor girl only rides bank-holidays,
And then she has a donkey ride.

Chorus: And the rich girl wears a new, silk dress,
And plays the modest game;
The poor girl puts on a cotton skirt,
But she gets there all the same!

The rich girl lolls back in her private box,
So languid that she ne'er applauds;
The poor girl says, 'Lumme, ain't it great!'
And has her bobs-worth in the 'gawds'.
The rich girl has got a lovely bust,
And any amount of it displays;
The poor girl she don't trouble about bust,
Excepting when she busts her stays.
The rich girl she will nibble little cakes,
And sparkling Moet she will quaff;
The poor girl goes in for almond cakes,
Washed down with sparlking 'arf' an'arf.

Chorus: And the rich girl sups up West, you know,
And plays the dainty game;
The poor girl she just scorfs a plate o' whelks,
But she gets there just the same.

The rich girl goes yachting with her friends,
A merry little three week spell;
The poor girl she goes yachting, yes she has
Two bobs-worth on the 'Clacton Belle'
The rich girl, when a lover comes to woo,
Will play the modest till he's gone;
The poor girl says, 'Now then, don't mess about,
Say what you've got to say, go on!'
The rich girl pouts and turns her head away,
'Oh, sir, I do not understand!'
The poor girl she says either 'Yes' or 'No'
When a man says, 'Let me have your hand!'

Chorus: The rich girl says, 'Oh, no! Sir, no!'
And plays the gushing game;
The poor girl says, 'Oh, have it if you like!'
And she gets there all the same.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by John P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1895
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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