Many's the morning when starting to work
My Mother has kissed me and said,
'Steal softly down the rickety stairs
For your Father has just gone to bed'
And many's the morning Ma gives Pa some money
To have the old stairway fixed right
But Pa only gets as far as the pub
And he sits there every night.

Chorus: Oh, those rickety stairs
What are we to say
This day since Kate's sweetheart slipped one day
And broke his hip Ayaddaayay
But Father never cares
They're perfectly safe he declares
And every night he carries his load
Up the rickety stairs.

One day me Mother got Father to lay
The carpet down on the old stairs
She thought it would help us
As we were spring cleaning
But he growled like a couple of bears
My young brother Willie he sent for the tacks
And Sis for the hammer as well
Ma held the carpet but when Pa hit his finger
He said we could all go to Hell!!!!!

Written and composed by Helf
Performed by Jen Latona (1881-1955)
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