Some people declare that a quiet country lane
Is the very best place for a 'spoon'
An old rustic stile must be there, they'll explain
And not too much light from the moon
Now my girl and I live in town you must know
Where quiet country lanes can't be found
We've no rustic stiles in our neighbourhood
So every time Sunday evening comes round.

Chorus: Then we go, go, go for a ride on a car, car, car
For we know how cosy the tops of the tramcars are.
The seats are so small, and there's not much to pay
You sit close together and 'spoon' all the way
There's many a miss will be missus some day
Through riding on top of the car.

We climb on the car where the journey begins
And we make for the first vacant seat
For all other people we don't care two pins
So long as our comfort's complete
And when the conductor comes up for the fares
He punches our tickets, then goes
But gives us a wink as he pops down the stairs
Like an overgrown Cupid, in clothes.


We get to the end of the journey all right
Or, at least, to the end of the track
But while all the others prepare to alight
We remain on the car, and go back
And when we get married now, boys, here's a tip
That ought to be useful to you
We shan't spend too much on our honeymoon-trip
For we've made up our minds what to do.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh/V.P. Bryan & Harry Von Tilzer
Performed by George Lashwood (1963-1942)
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