High in the belfry the old sexton stands
Grasping the rope with his thin bony hands
Fixed in his gaze as by some magic spell
Till he hears the distant murmur, ring, ring the bell.

Chorus: Ring the bell watchman, ring, ring, ring.
Yes, yes, the good news is now on the wing
Yes, yes, they come and with tidings to tell
Glorious and blessed tidings
Ring, ring the bell.

Baring his long silver locks to the breeze
First for a moment he drops on his knees
Then with a vigour that few could excel
Answers he the welcome bidding, ring, ring the bell.


Hear from the hilltop the first signal gun
Thunders the word that some great deed is done
Hear thro' the valley the echoes long swell
Ever and anon repeating, ring, ring the bell.


Bonfires are blazing and rockets ascend
No meagre triumph such tokens portend
Shout, shout my brothers, for all, all is well
'Tis the universal Chorus, ring, ring the bell.

Written and composed by G.F. Root (a.k.a. C. Friedrich Wurzel - 1872
Performed by The Christy Minstrels
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