Little Norah was known far and wide as a belle
And I loved her, and she seemed to like me full well
Till a guardsman appeared, rich and handsome and fine
And he sought for the heart of the girl I thought mine
Tho' we mocked his 'haw-haws' his eyeglass and 'Bai jove'
Yet his wealth seemed enough to buy any girl's love
But when I cautioned Norah she smiled and said, 'Pooh'
Yet when she smiled upon him that evening I knew,

Chorus: We were rivals, rivals, loving the same little maid
Rivals, rivals, and with our hearts she played
His was the love of an hour, that's all
Mine was the love of a life
But I'm happy to say she named the day
And she's now my wife.

For a month my sweet Norah he urged to elope
But to get her by fair means he found he'd no hope
Then some ruffian he hired, who said for good pay
From her home to his arms they'd drag her away
They succeeded, but fortune brought me to that part
And we struggled till - Heavens he fell stabbed to the heart
How 'twas done I knew not, but 'twas done with my knife
And the p'lice arrested me for taking a life.


In the court I was tried and found guilty one day
When a woman's voice rang through the court, saying, 'Stay
He is guiltless! The dead man was killed by my hand
In return for my ruin this vengence I planned.'
Ere the p'lice could get near her she fell lifeless in court
'Twas poison, they said in a local report
Norah flirted no more, and full soon we were wed
Both made happy at last through the aid of the dead.

Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1895
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
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