The Rajah, he's come from Ranjipoo,
Only to spend a month or two
And you can bet the Rajah knows what's what
You couldn't lose him in Regent Street
At any old game he's hard to beat
The port of sport who's always on the spot
In his own native land, he's so precise in everything
But, over here, he has his fling.

Chorus: Oh all the girls admire the rollicking Rajah
The wonderful Rajah, he's a millionaire
Each day, in Rotten Row, he's riding a charger
And the Rajah looks all there
He wears a bunch of diamonds in his turban
In front of his turban, and rubies too
All the girls salaam the great Ram Jam
The rollicking Rajah of Ranjipoo.

The Rajah is quite the reigning rage,
With all the ladies on the stage
He fascinates the lovely dancing girls
He takes them to dine, has lots of fun
And captures the heart of every one
With showers of diamonds and pearls
He strolls down Regent Street, each morning and you'll always find
A crowd of petticoats behind.


The Rajah's in love with girls a few
'I want a Queen, in Ranjipoo'
Upon his knees, he tells each maid with pride
'To my native home, come fly with me
And under a silken canopy
Some day,' he'll say, 'You'll be my Eastern bride
When we get wed, we'll ride two elephants, and when it's done
We'll both go home again on one.'

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1912
Performed by Lloyd Morgan (1892-1970)
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