O, there's lots of donahs down our court what's anxious for to wed,
But only one as ever could send me right off my 'ead.
They calls 'er Rose, an' any flower wot goes by that there name,
Should feel quite proud to think my gal's been christened just the same.

Refrain: She's a slight young, bright young, quite young thing;
She's the sauciest gal alive;
Oh, they calls 'er Rose, and I fink she knows
'Ow many beans make five.
She's a pair of eyes wot can't tell lies
They'd be stars, only star ain't brown,
If yer saw 'er wink, you would say, 'I fink,
Little Rose is a fair 'take down!'

Lor! wot a funny thing love is, an' don't it change a man,
The gals may understand it, I don't fink a bloke 'e can!
When I meets little Rose, well, I know it sounds absurd,
I've allus lots to tell 'er, but I 'ardly sez a word.


The coves all say she's got no sense, 'cos she's fair gone on me,
It's just a case of sour grapes an' that ain't 'ard to see.
They tries, of course, to cut me out, but gits left in the lurch,
They'll bust theirselves wiv envy, when I trots 'er to the church.


Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Sam Tute. - 1892
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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