Rosie Brown in the Summer went down
By excursion train for half a crown
To the seaside, although she's very slim she's very wide
On the sand she went round getting tanned
Came back again to the 'Dilly and the Strand
Beautifully coloured, you understand, a rosy brown
When she arrived she got such a dreadful shock
When she started to look around for someone else in a frock
But no one could she see, the boys began to stare
For young Miss Brown was the only lady there.

Chorus: Rosie had a very rosy time by the ocean blue
Rosie had a very rosy time, for Rosie knew the proper thing to do
Every day she paddled in the water in costume sublime
Tho' she didn't take her mother, putting one thing with another
Rosie had a very rosy time.

Where she stayed, this demure little maid
All the fellows flocked, and her bills they paid
At the seaside, away from them she couldn't hide
Artful Rosie! the reason she knows
Why she has 'flames' wherever she goes
She sets 'em alight when she shows her hose - rosy Rosie Brown
She found some 'pies' and then was far from slow
Picked the old and 'crusty' ones because she was fond of their dough
Collecting autographs was Rosie's little game
On open cheques she had every fellow's name.


Johnnies each of 'em thought her a peach
And the only pebble upon the beach
At the seaside, altho' to swim she never tried
She said, 'Lor, I'm pretty well sure
I've swum in the 'swells' of the ocean before.'
'I'll be in the swim with the swells ashore.' said Rosie Brown
When back in town, surrounded by all the girls
They said, 'How did you like the sea, and where did you get all your pearls?'
She said, 'From oysters, dears, I got them easily
From the natives at Slopton-by-the -sea.

Written and composed by Fred Murry -1909
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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