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For Sophia-phia-phia Arthur Lloyd
Sailor, The Tom Woottwell
Sally in our Alley John Lawson
Sally's Wedding Day Peggy Pryde
Salute My Bicycle! Marie Lloyd
Salvage Man, The Dan Leno
Sam Hall W.G. Ross
Sam Mayo's Mirth Mixture Sam Mayo
Same As His Father Did Before Him, The Harry Lauder
Same Old Lie, The Harry Randall
Sammy The Dashing Dragoon T.C. Sterndale Bennett
Samuel Duff Harry Champion
San-Fari-Ann Ernie Mayne
Sanitary Inspector, The James Fawn
Sarah, Sarah (A Donkey Cart Built For Two) Kate Carney
Sarah's Gone And Left Me George Leybourne
Saturday Harry Champion
Save A Little One For Me Billy Williams
Save A Nice One For Me Billie Barlow
Saved By The Stroke Of A Pen Bernard Dyllyn
Saving It All For Mary James Fawn
Sawdust Chest, The Charles Godfrey
Say Good-Bye Lily Morris
Scamp, The G.H. MacDermott
Scene Shifter, The Frank Leo
School Master, The Arthur Lloyd
School of Jolly Dogs Alfred Vance
School Strike, The Maidie Scott
Scientific Man, The T.E. Dunville
Scotch And Polly Vesta Tilley
Seaside Girls Vesta Tilley
Seaside Holiday At Home, A Herbert Campbell
Seaside Posters Round The Home Ernest Hastings
Seaside Sultan, The Vesta Tilley
Seaside Walks Vesta Tilley
Seaweed Fred Earle
Second Hand Clothes W.P. Dempsey
Second-Hand Aristocrat, A Harry Bedford
Send Back My Barney To Me Harry Clifton
Send For A Policeman George Lashwood
Sentimental Songs Fred Albert
Sergeant Solomon Isaacstein Gus Harris
Serjeant Sharp Of Lincoln's Inn Alfred Vance
Servants Willie Rouse
Servants' Registry Office, The George Robey
Serves You Right Billy Williams
Serving 'Em All Alike Tom Leamore
Seventeen (My girl is only seventeen) Phil Ray
Seventh Royal Fusiliers, The Charles Godfrey
Sexton, The  
Sh! I Jumped On A Bus Sam Mayo
Shabby Genteel Harry Clifton
Shade Of The Palm, The Melville Stewart
Shadows On The Blind, The Arthur Lennard
Shadows On The Door 'Jolly' John Nash
Shakespeare, The Waggish Will Of Avon George Robey
Shall I Have It Bobbed Or Shingled Ernest Le Messurier
She Cost Me Seven-and-Sixpence Wilkie Bard
She Danced Like A Fairy George Leybourne
She Didn't Come From Borneo Clarice Mayne
She Does Like A Little Drop Of Scotch Billy Williams
She Does The Fandango All Over The Place Henri Clark
She Doesn't Know That I Know What I Know Marie Lloyd
She Is Ma Daisy Harry Lauder
She Is More To Be Pitied, Than Censured Harry Taft
She Looked A Perfect Lady Katie Lawrence
She Made Me Do It Jack Pleasants
She May Have Seen Better Days James Thornton
She never Does That To Me George Lashwood
She Pushed Me Into The Parlour Ernie Mayne
She Said She Would George Bastow
She Sells Sea-Shells Wilkie Bard
She Spoke To Me First George Robey
She Stood Behind The Parlour Door Harry Freeman
She Taught Him A Thing Or Two, Too Eileen Douglas
She Told Me To Meet Her At The Gate S.W. Wyndham
She Trotted Me Off To Church James Fawn
She Was A Respectable Lady George Beauchamp
She Was High, I Was Low Albert Chevalier
She Was One Of The Early Birds George Beauchamp
She Was One Of The Forty Thieves Arthur Lennard
She Was Poor But She Was Honest Billy Bennett
She Was, She Was, She Was Slade Murray
She Wore A Little Safety-Pin Behind Marie Lloyd
She Wore A Wreath Of Roses Adelina Patti
She'd Kept Them All For Me Arthur Lloyd
She'd Never Had A Lesson In Her Life Marie Lloyd
Sheeny Coon, The Tom Costello
Shelling Green Peas Harry Clifton
She's A Girl Up North Ella Retford
She's A Lassie from Lancashire Ella Retford
She's Awfully Jealous Of Me Jack Pleasants
She's Beautiful To Me Arthur Lennard
She's Bolted With A Soldier Tom Woottwell
She's Changed My Boots For A Set Of Jugs Harry Randall
She's Coming Home, Tonight Billy Williams
She's My Wife Arthur Lennard
She's Proud And She's Beautiful George Bastow
She's So Sweet G.H. MacDermott
She's Too Good For Me Tom Costello
Shine On Harvest Moon Nora Bayes
Ship Ahoy (All the nice girls love a sailor) Ella Retford
Ship I Love, The Tom Costello
Ship That Will Never Return F.V. St. Claire
Ship Went Down, The Harry Rickards
Shipwrecked Captain, The Tom Leamore
Shirts Morny Cash
Shop Girl, The Marie Lloyd
Shoreditch Handicap, The Harry Randall
Should A Woman Tell ( Musical Monologue )  
Should Husbands Work? Charles Coborn
Show Me A Train That Goes To London Gus Harris
Show Me The Way To Go Home Ella Shields
Showing Aunt Matilda Round the Town Vesta Tilley
Showman, The George Leybourne
Shy! Shy! Dreadfully Shy George Leybourne
Sich A Nice Man, Too Albert Chevalier
Sidney's In Civvies, Again Vesta Tilley
Signor MacStinger - The Baritone Singer Arthur Lloyd
Silk Hat Tony J.W. Rickaby
Silly Billy Arthur Lloyd
Silly Fool Marie Lloyd
Silver Bell Gertie Gitana
Silver Threads Among The Gold  
Simon Squeers ( The Undertaker's Man ) John Cooke Junior
Simple Little String, A Ellaline Terriss
Simple Pimple, The George Robey
Since Bill's Been Crossed In Love Alec Hurley
Since I Had A Go At My Dumb-Bells George Formby Sr.
Since I Purchased On the Hire Purchase Plan Cooper Mitchell
Since Mother Bobbed Her Hair Charles Hayes
Since Our Mother's Been A Lady Lily Morris
Since Poor Father Joined The Territorials Billy Williams
Sing Me To Sleep Ernest Pike
Sing My Lads, Yeave Ho Wilkie Bard
Sing That Ting-A-Ling Song  
Singers And Talkers Edward Kent
Sister Mary Jane's High Kick Louie Freear
Sister Mary Jane's Top Note Louie Freear
Sister Mary Walked Like That 'Jolly' John Nash
Sister 'Ria Lizzie Fletcher
Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts Al Jolson
Six Months Hard Herbert Campbell
Skeleton In The Cupboard, The Millie Lindon
Skylark Little Tich
Skylark, Skylark Arthur Lennard
Slap Bang Here We Are Again Alfred Vance
Sleep! Sleep! He's Always Got His Eyes Shut Marie Lloyd
Sleepin' Beauty, The Alec Hurley
Slight Mistake On The Part Of My Valet, A George Robey
Smile, The Vesta Tilley
Smith, Jones, Robinson And Brown Ella Retford
Snapshots! R. G. Knowles
'Sno Use Harry Weldon
So He Did Slade Murry
So Her Sister Says Jenny Valmore
So Long, Sally Harry Weldon
So Would You  
Society Actor, The Tom Costello
Society Outcast, The J.W. Rickaby
Soldiers Of The Queen, The C. Hayden Coffin
Some Danced The Lancers Vesta Tilley
Some Lady's Dropp'd Her Chignon Arthur Lloyd
Some O' Yer Do Git Abaht Gus Elen
Some Sang High, Some Sang Low George Leyton
Somebody Else's Baby Florrie Gallimore
Somebody Would Shout Out Shop Kirkby & Hudson
Somebody's Coming To Tea On Sunday Lee White
Somebody's Sweetheart I Want To Be Lillian Russell
Something I Shall Never See Again Arthur Rigby
Something Tickled Her Fancy Harry Randall
Song Of Songs Arthur Lloyd
Song Of The Thrush, The Jenny Hill
Sons Of The Sea Arthur Reece
Sort Of A Kind Of A... W. Louis Bradfield
Spaniard That Blighted My Life, The Billy Merson
Spanish Señora Marie Lloyd
Spank The Grand Piano, Matilda J.W. Rowley
Spelling Bee, The Fred Albert
Squeeze 'Er, Ebenezer Billy Williams
Squire, The (or Far From The Maddening Crowd) Charles Godfrey
Standard Bread Harry Champion
Standing At The Corner Of The Street George Formby Sr.
Staring Me In The Face George Robey
Steam Arm, The  
Stewed Prunes And Prisms Wilkie Bard
Stick To Your Uncle Jeremiah Billy Williams
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones Jay Laurier
Stiffy The Goalkeeper Harry Weldon
Stop Yer Tickling, Jock Harry Lauder
Story Of A Clothes Line, The Marie Lloyd
Story Of A Kiss, The Charles Godfrey
Story Of A Shilling, The Marie Loftus
Story Of The Stars, A Arthur Reece
Streets Of Cairo Ellaline Terriss
Strip The Bed And Have Another Look George D'Albert
Style, The A.G. Vance
Such A Don, Don't You Know Charles Godfrey
Such A Look George Robey
Such A Mash Nelly Power
Sue, Sue, Sue Lester Barrett
Suffragee, The Jock Mills
Suffragette, The 'Happy' Fanny Fields
Suit The Action To The Word Albert Chevalier
S-U-N-D-A-Y Vesta Tilley
Sunshine And Shadow Vesta Tilley
Susie Sighed For Cider Charles Bignell
Suspicions Clifford Grey
Sweet Genevieve John McCormack
Sweet Little Rose Of Persia Tom Leamore
Sweet Nell Of Drury Bessie Bonehill
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Pat Rafferty
Sweetheart May Vesta Tilley
Sweethearts And Wives G.H. MacDermott
Swell On The Stock Exchange, The Fred Coyne
Swim Sam, Swim Jay Laurier
Swimming Master, The Dan Leno
Swing Me Higher, Obadiah Florrie Forde
Sybil Archie Naish
Sydney's Holidays Are In September Vesta Tilley
The Shillelagh Walter Munroe
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