There was a warm commotion last Monday down our court,
Our Sal was to get married and Sal's the proper sort;
She'd been courted by a coster in the vegetable way,
And when at last he said the word, our Sal, she named the day.

Chorus: We did the thing up proper, enjoyed ourselves to rights,
The girls they did some singing, the boys they 'ad some fights;
Then lots of beer we shifted and food we shoved away,
It was a regular beano on Sally's wedding day.

We all turned up that day to see the couple spliced,
The crowd there was enormous, there was lots of fun and fights.
The bride she looked so splendid and mother cried a lot,
She wanted to faint but we kept her straight, with a drop of you know what!


Performed by Peggy Pryde (1869-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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