(A Donkey Cart Made For Two)
I've got such a nice young man,
In other words, my bloke;
He's a chap as anyone could like,
You know can stand a joke.
Each night he pops the question
In a very funny way,
He'll sling his arm around my neck
And these words to me say,

Chorus: Sarah, Sarah, make up your mind now, do,
I shall go fairly balmy if I don't get spliced to you.
Come, don't be aggravating, there's a home for you a-waiting,
And you can ride, by my side, in a donkey cart built for two.

I likes lim and he likes me, too,
That's very plain to see,
When he wants to go and see the show,
He'll not without me.
He comes around to my house,
And up the stairs he'll shout,
Sarah, shove your clobber on
I'm going to take you out.


When the derby day comes round
To Epsom then we ride,
Bill says I look a picture
When I'm sitting by his side.
I says, 'Now, chuck your kidding.'
When he winks his other eye,
Saying, 'Sarah, make your mind up,
Anyone would think you're shy!'


At last I have made up my mind,
And when I see Bill, tonight,
I'll tell him to put the bannes up,
That will fill him with delight.
And when we are settles down,
Let troubles come, what may,
But still I never shall forget
Those words he used to say.

Written and composed by Harry Bedford
Performed by Kate Carney (1868-1950)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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