Oh! love it is a ticklish thing,
It makes true lovers blue;
I mean such chaps as me, whose heart
Is big enough for two,
For twelve long months I spent my time
And money, which was not much;
On a nursemaid in a family,
Where they all spoke double Dutch

Chorus: But Sarahs gone and left me,
Her love for me was sham;
I never thought she was so false,
And elope with a cat's-meat man.

By trade I am a sandwich man,
That is - I carry boards;
And a poor man has a heart to love
As well as Dukes and Lords;
And so had I, I told her so,
She promised me she'd wed,
And so she did, but 'twasn't me,
'Twas the cat's-meat man instead,


I ne'er had cause to doubt her,
Until I used to see;
A cats-meat man call twice a day,
Who tried to rival me:
With his pen' orth of meat upon a skewer,
Half-price to her he'd sell,
And that was how he won her heart,
And left me here to tell,


She thought by marrying the cats-meat man,
To lead a happy life;
But he took his ease, she goes his rounds,
He's made her a useful wife;
I never knew that she could sing,
But she can, so nice and sweet,
With a barrow in front she screams and cries
Morning, noon and night, 'Cat's-meat.'


I swore I'd have satisfaction,
I'll bring him to the ground;
I'll buy some poison, and destroy
All the cats that's on his round.
If I kill the cats, they wont want meat,
His trade to the dogs will go;
He stole my love, I'll steal his trade,
For a soldier then I'll go.

Spoken, - And join the Donkey Rifle Corps.

Chorus: Sarah's gone and left me,
Her love for me was sham;
She can go to Putney on a pig,
Along with her cat's-meat man.
Written and composed by George Leybourne & J. Birtchnell
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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