There's one day a week when we feel a bit gay,
That's Saturday, Saturday,
When we take our wages it's all 'Hip-hoo-ray'
On Saturday, On Saturday.
You go all the week p'r'aps and can't get a 'sub'
But the day comes at last where your 'oof-tish' you rub
And directly you've got it you're off to the pub,
On Saturday, on Saturday.

Chorus: Oh, Saturday! that's the day for me
We have a fair old 'beano' and we spend our L.S.D.
On Monday morning we are always B.R.O.K.E.
Oh, Saturday! that's the day for me.

There's a fellow I know who only shaves once a week,
That's Saturday, Saturday.
You can't hardly tell him for the hair upon his cheek,
Till Saturday, till Saturday.
Directly the barber his chivvy has shorn
He pops off to get his best suit out of pawn
By the time he has finished his money's all gone
On Saturday, on Saturday.


It's marvellous now what women can do
On Saturday, Saturday
They can't only jaw but do something else too
On Saturday, on Saturday
Give the missus four bob, send her off round the town
She'll turn all the butcher's shops upside down
And she'll get all the week's grub for about half a crown
On Saturday, on Saturday.


Our annual 'beano' comes off every year
On Saturday, Saturday
We make it a rule to get full up to here
That Saturday, that Saturday
We start off in the morning prepared for the spree
There's my pal Bill Jones, always chums in with me
And together we'll booze till we can't hardly see
That's Saturday, That Saturday.

Written and composed by George Maurice
Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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