Behold in me a pedagogue who keeps a little school
To teach children to read and write is my never failing rule
From morn till night you can hear their tongues in Chorus: go click clack
And don't they have a jolly game whene'er I turn my back.

Chorus: And all day you can hear them say

I never fail to use the rod, tho' always draw it mild
But you know that if you spare the rod your sure to spoil the child
My scholars range from fifteen down to those who scarce can speak
And for their education, I just charge one bob a week.


The parents of my scholars are not wealthy - that you'll know
When I tell you that their bob a week for months they often owe
Day after day my scholars all examinations pass
On certain subjects suitable to each and every class.


Altho' I do work very hard, a fortune I can't make
For boys you know they will be boys, and a deal of trouble take
Now kind indulgent scholars, I one and all beseech
You'll come to school here every night and the alphabet I'll teach.

Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
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