(I'm The Only Yiddisher Scotsman In The Irish Fusiliers)
Little Solomon Isaacstein lived down in Petticoat Lane
Until the war, this terrible war
Then off he went and enlisted
In the Black watch. Said he
'I'd rather have the gold watch
For that's the watch for me'
They gave him a khaki suit he loathes
He ran into the street to sell his left off clothes.

Chorus: Sergeant Solomon Isaacstein
He's the friend of the fighting line
Oi, oi, oi, Give three hearty cheers
For the only Jewish Scotsman in the Irish Fusiliers.

Sergeant Solomon built a little pawnshop in the trench
With money lent at ninety percent
He hadn't any three brass balls
To hang out for a sign
So he found three bombs and gilded them
And my word they looked fine
But one of them fell wallop from the chain
And nearly sent him back to Petticoat Lane.


Sergeant Solomon heard them give the order for to charge
He said, 'How much? Please tell me how much?'
A young lieutenant behind him kicked him in his khaki pants
Said he, 'Don't think of money. You've to make the big advance'
Advance upon the Germans he said, 'What!
I wouldn't advance yer ninepence on the lot.'

Written and composed by R.P. Weston & Bert Lee - 1916
Performed by Gus Harris
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