(The Waggish Will Of Avon)
All hail, friends, give me speech
This clamour doth surprise me
I am great William Shakespeare
But no doubt you recognise me
Gaze on this gleaming pate
And note my noble seeming
Look well into these lustrous eyes
Where genius lies gleaming.

No addle-knob am I
No paltry pot-house poet
I am the wonder of all times
And, 'sdeath, good folks, I know it
A goodly blade forsooth
And wondrous well behaven
Yet, gossips, I am known afar
As Waggish Will of Avon.

Refrain: High, high, high upon the scroll of fame engraven
My name - Shakespeare - Waggish Will of Avon.
Written and performed by George Robey (1869-1954)
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