Tricky little Trixie knew her book
With a baby face and a simple look
Tricky little Trixie was soon the rage
She'd have made her fortune on the stage
When she looked so winningly at Claud or Tom
Everybody wondered where the little girl came from.

Chorus: She didn't come from Borneo
She didn't come from Columbo
She didn't come from Mexico
But a place called Pimlico.

Sultan of Morocco, came one day
Up to London Town, where the sights are gay
He met little Trixie in an Empire box
Took her to Morocco, the sly old fox
Loaded her with jewelry, but strange to tell
One day she was missing, and the jewelry as well.


Tricky little Trixie met an Earl
He said, 'Dash it all! What a dem fine girl
Would you like to marry me, my dear? Eh, what?'
She said, 'All depends how much you've got.'
He soon satisfied her. Now she wears his ring
She is quite respectable, considering everything.


Written and composed by Paul Pelham/Newton Butts & Herbert Rule - 1906
Performed by Rosie Lloyd (1879-1944)
Performed by Clarice Mayne (1886-1966)
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