I was never one to interfere a lot
With other folks perticuler affairs
Certain people see a lot and hear a lot
And interfere in what is no concern of theirs
Lor, if I liked to let my tongue wag
Well, there might be revelations
That would spoil some reputations
Mrs Green, for instance, living opposite to me
From behind my bedroom curtains there's a lot that I can see.

Chorus: She doesn't know that I know what I know
If she did, it might surprise her
For of course my ears and eyes are always open
But I think it's only right to take in all you can
And keep your mouth tight shut. She doesn't.

If I seem unkind, it's not intentional
I wouldn't beath a word to injure Mrs Green
What I know, I know - I wouldn't mention at all
Nor half nor quarter what I've heard and what I've seen
She likes to brag of her relations
Says her father was connected
With the law, and much respected
That's a tale, but what's the use of kicking up a shine?
For her father was the very 'slop' that used to run in mine.


Though at times she tries to put on side to me
She's very careless with the facts that she relates
Scraps of private hist'ry she'll confide in me
And never seems to think I reckon up the dates
She loves to talk about her marriage
And the birth of little Willie, but forgets the little silly
What she tells me of one thing makes it absolutely plain
Little Willie must have travelled by an extra special train.

'Pon my word, I often wonder whether she
Should be informed of how Mr Green's been treating her
Him and my old man they work together, see?
And once she told me what her old man's wages were
Mine knows, of course, what Mr Green gets
And according to what he says, it's a shilling more than she says
Where's it go? I really think I ought to tell his wife
Look at all the men you read about who lead a double life.


Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh & Orlando Powell - 1907
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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