At Margate once a gay and giddy bachelor
Was watching ladies bathing in the sea
He smiled at one sweet girl in pink
And tipped her such a saucy wink
As she bobbed up and down so merrilee
He met her on the beech one evening later
And when he tried to kiss the pretty saint
She seemed as bashful as could be
She didn't mind the kiss, but she
Was so afraid he might rub off some paint
But when he stood wine, she didn't decline
She smacked her sweet lips and said, 'Isn't it fine.'

Chorus: She looked a perfect lady, in style and manner too
She wore the latest hat, and a patent leather shoe
But let this be a warning to young men near and far
You can't judge the marmalade by the label on the jar.

The giddy bounder fell in love in no time
She'd fairly got him on a piece of string
And when his love he did confess
She wasn't long in saying yes
So off he went to buy the wedding ring
They stood inside a little church one morning
The bride was looking anxious I'll admit
And when the clergyman came in
And eyed her with a knowing grin
She very nearly fell down in a fit
For he murmured, 'Oh, I'm supprised at you, Flo
This is your third husband in twelve months or so.'


The final scene came off inside a Police Court
Our lady friend was there for trigamy
And in the witness box, you know
Three husbands stood, all in a row
The evidence was very much O.T.
She tried her best to captivate the jury
The old judge tumbled to the game at once
And when he'd made his speech that day
They found her guilty right away
And Florrie disappeared for eighteen months
The Jury turned pink when the judge, with a wink
Said, 'You wanted to favour the pris'ner, I think - (because)

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Albert Perry
Performed by Katie Lawrence (1870-1913)
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