While strolling along with the city's vast throng
On a night that was bitterly cold
I noticed a crowd who were laughing aloud
At something they chanced to behold
I stopped for to see what the object could be
And there on a doorstep, lay
A woman in tears, from the crowd's angry jeers
And then I heard someone say.

Chorus: 'She may have seen better days, when she was in her prime
She may have seen better days, once upon a time
Tho' by the wayside she fell, she may yet mend her ways
Some poor old mother is waiting for her
Who has seen better days.'

'If we could but tell why the poor creature fell
Perhaps we'd be not so severe
If the truth were but known of this outcast alone
May-hap we would all shed a tear
She was once somebody's joy, cast aside like a toy
Abandoned, forsaken, unknown.'
Every man standing by had a tear in his eye
For some had a daughter at home.


The crowd went away, but I longer did stay
For from her I was loath to depart
I knew by her moan as she sat there alone
That something was breaking her heart
She told me her life, she was once a good wife
Respected and honoured by all
Her husband had fled ere they were long wed
And tears down her cheeks sadly fall.

Words and music by James Thornton - 1895
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