I'm a pushing young man that's been pushed
My heart has been cannoned and crushed
I've heard about some people falling in love
Ah, but I didn't fall, I was pushed
I pushed Miss Bull over whilst pushing my 'bike'
Next day I called round on Miss Bull
Her bell-pull said 'push' so I pushed that bell-push
But next time it says 'push' I shall pull.

Chorus: She pushed me into the parlour
Pushed the parlour door
Pushed herself upon my knee
Pushed her 'kisser' in front of me
She pushed me round to the jewellers
Near the Hippodrome
Pushed me in front of the clergyman
And then she pushed me home.

Her family pushed in, and said 'Ah!
It's time you were married, old Toff!'
She pushed me to church, they all pushed up behind
Pushed round me in case I pushed off
Then the clergyman pushed on his nightgown and prayed
Then murmured 'Push out, you're both wed'
Then I pushed so much wine down my throat that at nine
The family all pushed me to bed.


I've been very near pushed off the earth
This marriage is making me thin
My wife says that I've pushed one foot in the grave
And she'll soon push the other one in
I'm pushed for my rent, got the push from my job
Oh, I'll push myself under a tram
Isn't it funny, thro' pushing a 'bike'
I now push three kids in a pram.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Alf Ellerton & Will Mayne - 1912
Performed by Ernie Mayne (1871-1937)
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