George Beauchamp

One day in a 'Fav'rite' 'bus I met
A dainty, painty, perty pet:
She blushed and flushed so prettily, oh!
My heart went 'wobbledy-wob', you know. (Sigh)
She smiled at me, and then I could swear,
Some time, somehow, I'd seen her somewhere;
She gently winked, and said, 'How d'you do?'
I said. 'Oh! I‘m nicely for I knew,

Chorus: She was a respectable lady
A very respect-able lady
A highly respectable lady
And I met her in a ’bus!
I met her in a 'bus, I met her in a 'bus!
She was a respectable lady
A very respectable lady
A highly respectable lady
And I met her in a 'bus!

When out of the 'bus we both did get,
I said, 'Pray do you drink, my pet?'
She said, 'I do, but I don’t keep count;
You see, I take such a small amount.
A pint of port, with a crust like glue,
A waiter brought us, between us two,
But she'd ten more of 'em ere she'd go;
She guzzled a barrel or so, although—


Through booze that flutterer tore my hair;
But soon a p'liceman bold was there,
In quod he popped her, just for her cheek,
And next day had her before the beak.
The beak, when he'd had one squint at her,
Said, 'Who can speak of her character?'
The p’liceman bold, like a man, did say,
'I know her, my lord, she's Tottie Fay!'


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & Will Godwin - 1893
Performed by George Beauchamp (1863-1901)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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