It was at the Pantomime sweet Mabel and I did meet
She was in the ballet (front row) and I in a five-shilling seat
She was dressed like a dicky bird, beautiful wings she had on
Figure divine, wished she was mine, on her I was totally gone.

Chorus: She was a dear little dicky bird
'Chip, chip, chip, she went
Sweetly she sang to me
'Till all my money was spent
Then she went off song
We parted on fighting terms
She was one of the early birds
And I was one of the worms.

At the stage door every night I waited with my bouquet
Till my bird had moulted then we’d drive in a hansom away
Oyster suppers and sparkling cham, couldn’t she go it What Ho
Fivers I spent, tenners I lent, for her I couldn’t say no.


Belskin coats and diamond rings knocked holes in my purse alone
She would have 'em in the end I got hers by pawning my own
When at last I was fairly broke, 'twixt us a quarrel arose
Mabel the fair pulled out my hair and clawed all the skin off my nose.


Full of love and poverty and armed with a carving knife
One dark night I knelt in the mud and asked her if she’d be my wife
Something struck me behind the ear, someone said, 'Now go and get
Wife of your own, leave mine alone” and that was the last time we met

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by T.W. Connor
Performed by George Beauchamp (1863-1901)
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