(And One or Two Other Little Things)

One evening to a fancy dress ball, went a sweet little maiden I know
She'd made up her mind, had the lovely Susannah,
She'd get the first prize, a piano
She went to the different shops to find something striking to wear
And picked on a dress, then remarked to herself,
'This is sure to make everyone stare.'

Chorus: At the Covent Garden Ball, she attracted all the room
As she waltzed around so gaily in a rather quaint costume
All the Johnnies did a stare at this angel minus wings
She wore a wreath of roses, and one or two other little things.

She got to the Ball and the dancers all stopped
Just to quizz at the novel make up
Miss Psyche remarked to one girl in Kharki
'Look at her costume - isn't it parky!'
One fellow, he winked at Susann - A regular giddy young spark
And started to say - well the band just struck up
And it quite drowned his saucy remark.


When dancing was over the judges came round
The wreath of white roses got first
'Now I have won the prize,' said Susannah
'Who's going to teach me to play the piana?'
One chap in a Romeo dress, came up and said, 'My morning star
I'll come round tomorrow and show you the scales
Also teach you the Do ray me fa.'


Written and composed by T.H. Bayly & J.P. Knight - 1840
Performed by Adelina Patti (1843-1919)
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