The moon am a-shining, my Rachel, bright and clear,
So put out the candle now, you're wasting it, my tear;
For little Ikey's waiting,
His heart's a palpitating,
And all the picaninies down in Houndsditch frown on me.
Kase they know I loves yer, Rachel, yes, they do.
I'm the only coon yer love, now, ain't it true?
I'll buy ter lots of diamonds to look grand in,
Or may I never move from where I'm standin'.

Chorus: Oh! Rachel, my tarling, if you're in, come out;
Come and see the silver in the silvery moon.
You're no common dolly,
No you're my shuck-ol-lolly,
And I'm yer little Ikey Mo',
The Dandy Sheeny Coon.

We'll stroll by the Mississippi, Rachel, me and you,
With Mr. Sippi, tear, and all the little Sippis too;
I'm going to start a-saving,
Go without haircut and shaving,
And I'll buy a splendid fish shop that'll do yer eyesight good.
Soon we'll have a palace, down the lane, a gem,
And call it, tear, the new Jerusalem;
And come and meet me at the usual spot, tear,
And don't forget to pring what oof you've got, tear.


Now old Mr. Abrams has got his panjo out,
So the coons down the lane, my tear, with razors walk about,
For Ikey's been a-sowing,
And the cotton I've been hoeing,
And 'owing' anybody else as much as I could get.
My head I'm losing for the love of you,
If I lose it, well I don't know what I'll do;
If you'll have me, tear, I'll always do your pidding,
May our landlord get a month, I ain't a-kidding.


Written and composed by Harry Castling - 1898
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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