A North country lad sat alone in his room
In London Town one day
He gazed at a photo he held in his hand
Of his sweetheart far away
A friend of his called there and said 'Hello
You've got a girl in your eye
Who is the lady that's captured your heart?'
The other made reply

Chorus: 'She is a girl up North, a dear little girl up North
In her two little wooden shoes, she's the lass I wouldn't lose
Some day my way will be the journey forth
I don't intend to tarry but marry my Carrie
She's my little girl up North

He showed his the photo of his little lass
Dressed in her clogs and shawl
And said, 'Tho' she works in a factory,
To me she is quite the best of all.'
The other one cried, 'What a picture too
How nice for you it must be
I should think myself a real lucky chap
If she belonged to me.'


The lad said, 'I mean to return there, some day
To wed my lass so dear
I'm thinking of her all the time I'm away
And I'm longing to be near
I'm putting some brass in the saving's bank
Out of my wages and soon
I'll marry my little lassie, and go off on my honeymoon.'

Written and composed by F. Godfrey & F.E. D'Albert
Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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