Why are wives loved who are faithless?
Lady Grace who meets her beau
Says, 'Oh, Claude, I hate my husband
Fly with you? yes, yes, I'll go.'
'Stay,'the husband cries, appearing
'As for you, sir, quit this land
Never more come near my wife, sir,
Or - you quite well understand
What? Divorce her? What's your game
No! she bears an honoured name.'

Chorus: 'She's my wife - and I took her for better or worse
She's my wife - be she blessing or curse
Good or bad - I will stick to her while I have life
I took her for better or worse you know and she's my wife.'

See the clerk's wife gaily dancing
At a ball - or some affair
While her sick child lies home calling
Vainly for a mother's care
'Dead?'she cries - 'While I was dancing
God forgive me - husband - speak.'
While the neighbours whisper words that
Dye with shame her careless cheek
'Kill me husband.'- 'Kill her, nay
I forgive her'hear him say.


'Tis a drunken, ragged woman
Fighting, struggling with a man
Claws his face till blood is streaming
'Take me home, Bill, if yer can
I defies yer - more drink, curse yer
I will have it - take that - Bill.'
Neighbours say - 'Why don't you let the
Bobby take her if he will?'
'A fool to stand her - so you think -
''Tain't her,'he cries, 'It's all the drink.'


Written and composed by E. W. Rogers - 1901
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
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