A gallant ship was labouring
Labouring in the sea
The Captain stood amongst his crew
“Gather round” said he
“This ship is doomed and sinking
There on the lee is land
Then launch the boats and pull away
But here at my post I'll stand
Goodbye, my lads, goodbye”

Chorus: I'll stick to the ship lads
You save your lives
I've no one to love me
You've children and wives
You take to the boats lads
Praying to heaven above
But I'll go down in the angry deep
With the ship I love

The crew stood hesitating
Their hearts were staunch and true
With tear-dimmed eyes spoke up the mate
“Sir, we will die with you”
The Captain cried “What? Mutiny?
I am the Captain here
So launch the boats and pull away
And think of your children dear
Goodbye, my lads, goodbye”

Written and composed by Felix McGlennon - 1898
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
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