A big ship left port on it's first maiden voyage,
The world gazed in wonder and pride,
Old England was proud of the ship and it's crew,
Whose captain was trusted and tried;
The ship was a city of splendour and light,
It's rich and it's poor side by side,
But when the shock came and the vessel went down,
Rich man and poor man like Englishmen died.

Chorus: On the ship that will never return,
The ship that will never return,
Brave words were spoken and brave hearts were broken
Ah! here's where true love you discern,
Mothers they sobbed in prayer,
As they parted from loved ones there,
Husbands and sons, brave-hearted ones,
On the ship that will never return.

Titanic it's name and titanic it's size,
O'er the waves of the ocean she rode,
Four days had gone by since she'd left the old land,
With over two thousand aboard.
And then came the crash in the dead of the night,
But none on the ship were dimayed,
They trusted the captain, they trusted the crew,
And even the women, they were not afraid.


'Be British!' the captain cried out from the bridge,
Be British and british they were,
The women, the children the first for the boats,
And the sailors knew how to obey.
As long as old England sends ships over sea,
The deeds of that night she'll recall,
When rich man and poor man went down side by side,
When rank made no difference for Death levelled all.


Written and composed by F.V. St. Clair - 1912
Performed by Fred Andrews
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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