To prove I loved Miss Jenny Jones I went away a year today
And where they granted people loans I borrowed twenty pounds
'Twas for her sake I went to make a heap of gold as I'd been told
Each foreign field had gold concealed within it's wealthy ground
I made my fortune very soon, then started home one afternoon
The ship capsized, I felt surprised, to find each person drowned.

Chorus: For the ship went down to the bottom of the sea
Theres' only one that came ashore, and that one's me
I came across a whale, and I sat on it's tail
And it brought me home to marry Jenny Jones, Jenny Jones

I swam five hundred miles at sea,
Then saw the whale which wagged it's tail
Thought I 'Now if you swallow me 'twill save my getting drowned'
I felt no fear when I drew near. It never moved, which plainly proved
That at the end, I'd found a friend, to carry me around
It brought me home to Brighton Sands and when on shore I waved my hands
It said, 'Good bye' and then said I to all the people round,


I left the sea-side very soon, then by the train came home again
Sweet Jenny Jones that afternoon I very quickly found
We both shook hands, put up the banns, she's now my wife, my own for life
She knows the tale about the whale that brought me safe aground
She thinks about it night and day, when I get home she's bound to say
'Long live the whale, that wagged it's tail and saved me getting drowned.'

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1898
Performed by Harry Rickards (1841-1911)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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