I'm a little shop girl, in the drap'ry line
Working in a City firm from nine till nine
Fellows say I'm charming, and they make a fuss
When we meet each morning in the ha'p'ny bus
Offer me the Telegraph in winning way
Say, 'It's rather parky-like this morning, eh?
You seen 'Charley's Aunt' yet? Oh it's fine, so bright
I'll take you there one night!'
Then, as from the bus we drop, tho' I think, 'Well, they're no cop'
They will see me to the shop and gabble all the way
Then they cry, in tones polite 'Shall I wait for you tonight?'
'Oh! late night tonight - all right' Then to their pals they say.

Chorus: 'The shop girl! Pretty young thing. Witty young thing -
City young thing. The shop girl! Tricky young thing,
She's the girl for me.'

When I reach the shop I am brim full of biz
Haven't any time at all to chaff and quiz
'Remnants ma'am? This counter please! A pair of -oh
That's the petticoat department - There, you know
What a charming baby - bless his heart - how old?
On yes, we can warrant those - a rare lot sold
Stockings did you say, ma'am? How do you like these?
Gloves - yes. What size please?'
Once, an old toff met my gaze - he'd got most eccentric ways
Asked me for a 'yard of stays' to wear himself, I vow
As the corsets I supplied, 'Anything else, sir,' I cried
Then my figure trim he eyed and said, 'All I want now, is,


Ladies seem to fancy I am there on show
Keep me hours and hours upon the go, you know
Then when they've seen ev'rything, with well-bred grace
Possible they buy a yard of four-three lace
Fellows spend a lot of time and cash on gloves
For the little 'dukelets' of their lady-loves
But a chap astonished me a week ago buying his girl's trousseau
He said, blushing - poor young man - 'I must please my dearest Fan
Pray assist me all you can I hope you won't decline
I want some silk stockings - quick, You know - something very 'chic'.'
I said, 'Hold hard! Half a tick! Here's a nice new line!'

Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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